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"A": Perso-Arabic letters

"B": Thai letters

"D": Barcode symbols

"G": Greek letters

"H": Hebrew letters

"J": Japanese katakana and punctuation

"K": Cyrillic letters

"L": Latin-based letters

"N": Numerals

"O": Jamo (Korean letters)

"R": Japanese hiragana

"SA": Arithmetic or mathematical symbols

"SB": Chinese Jhùyīn Fúhào (Bopomofo)

"SC": Currency symbols

"SD": Diacritics and modifier symbols

"SE": Visible glyphs for control characters

"SF": Semigraphic characters

"SG": Pieces of large brackets

"SH": Additional semigraphic characters

"SI": Chinese Ideographic Description Characters (IDCs)

"SL": APL programming language syntax

"SM": Miscellaneous symbols

"SO": Delimiter punctuation for machine-readable cheques (OCR and MICR)

"SP": Punctuation symbols

"SS": Supplementary miscellaneous symbols

"SV": Various (further supplementary) miscellaneous symbols

OCR-A and OCR-B fonts derived from the work of Tor Lillqvist, Richard B. Wales, Norbert Schwarz and Matthew Skala, with modifications; used under the OCR fonts licence terms.