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Note: Unicode characters shown are included mainly as previews of the GCGIDs, and selected based on the GCGIDs. Mapping between GCGIDs and Unicode is not always one-to-one unambiguous, hence the Unicode characters shown may not match those used in implementations by IBM or by other vendors, although they will be similar in meaning and/or appearance.

Chomsky font by Fredrick R. Brennan is used under the OFL 1.1.

tiny5 font by Stefan Schmidt is used under the OFL 1.1.

Unifraktur font by j. 'mach' wust, Gerrit Ansmann, Georg Duffner and Peter Wiegel is used under the OFL 1.1.

OCR-A and OCR-B fonts derived from the work of Tor Lillqvist, Richard B. Wales, Norbert Schwarz and Matthew Skala, with modifications; used under the OCR fonts licence terms.